LUBBOCK, Texas — A high-speed chase Wednesday night ended after a juvenile crashed in front of a Lubbock pawn shop in the 5700 block of 50th Street, according to a police report.

The chase started when a Lubbock police officer scanned a vehicle going 101mph on South Loop 289 near Slide Road.

The officer activated his police lights and sirens and began chasing the suspect. The officer said the suspect crossed over lanes of traffic to exit the Loop at the 50th Street exit.

The officer said the suspect crashed into a yellow parking pole in front of Cash America Pawn.

The officer said his top speed during the approximately 38-second chase was 117mph.

After the crash, the juvenile suspect left his vehicle and ran away until the the officer caught up with him.

The vehicle was searched and an officer found marijuana and tobacco products, according to the police report.

The suspect was taken to the Lubbock County Juvenile Justice Center.