Childhood Cancer Awareness Month


This year alone an estimated 1.6-million Americans will be newly diagnosed with cancer.

It’s a disease that while tragic for any family, is especially difficult for families of diagnosed children.

“We didn’t know what was going to go on.  We didn’t know when they were going to do surgery.  We just knew that our child was diagnosed with cancer and we’re dealing with this,” said Julie Dossey, Parent of a pediatric cancer patient.

Each year 5 in every 100-thousand children are diagnosed with some form of cancer.

For covenant cancer center that’s about 50-children diagnosed and treated every year.

One of whom is 6-year old Brooklyn Dossey. 

“We thought Brooklyn had strep throught, took her to the kids clinic and saw allysa cuba. The strep test was negative,” said Dossey.

Another exam found a lump near her stomach.
Then an ultrasound revealed a mass.

Dossey explained, “It was a wilms tumor.  About the size of a youth football.”

It’s official name is nephroblastoma, a rare kidney cancer. 
But, the good news for the Dossey family.

“Pediatric cancer used to be a fatal disease.  Any child diagnosed with cancer in the 60’s used to suffer a lot and usually die,” explained Doctor Mohamad Alrahwan, Pediatric Hematologist Oncologist.

He continued saying, “Since then we’ve come a long ways. Our cure rate is exceeding 80% overall. That is because of the research that is happening over the years.”

Since her diagnosis Brooklyn had her tumor surgically removed.
She then underwent chemo and radiation.

“It’s important to do this because when we save a kid that has cancer.  We potentially save 80-plus years of life, productive life,” said Doctor Alrahwan.

Stories like brooklyn are the reason september is set aside as childhood cancer awareness month.

Because the more awareness, the more research and the more kids like Brooklyn can get the treatment they need to live a productive and happy life.

Not to mention ring the bell.

A special ceremony signifying the end of chemotherapy and one step closer to recovery.

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