LUBBOCK, Texas — The Children’s Home of Lubbock asked for a bit more help during the Christmas season. The home asked for decorations such as ornaments, tinsel and outdoor decor.

The Children’s Home of Lubbock is a group home that has several different departments serving children and teenagers aging out of foster care to give them some normalcy in their lives.

Hattie Haney, the executive assistant for the Children’s Home of Lubbock, said one thing they are dedicated to is making sure the children have the sense of normalcy in their lives and with the community stepping in to help give them that means the world.

“One of the ways that you can do that is by giving things like ornaments or lights or things that honestly make you think and imagine Christmas at home with family. Those are the things that we are wanting here at The Children’s Home. Even the smallest little thing like tensile or like Christmas tree lights honestly makes a difference,” Haney said.

According to the Children’s Home of Lubbock, they are thankful for those in the community that donates toys to decorations to the volunteers.

“The things that we need the most has been time, people that will just volunteer their time to come out and spend it with the kiddos. Whether that’s just like an hour or whether they choose to volunteer to be a sponsor, or whether they even go above and beyond and want to become a foster parent or a house parent,” Haney said.

Haney said most of the time, it’s about the time volunteers spend with the kiddos that they remember the most throughout their lives.

“It’s always been about family. It’s the relationships that are built in those times even whenever you bring somebody new in, invite them in for the holiday or something like those are memories and relationships that can and will last a lifetime,” Haney said.

According to Holly Jessen, Foster care case manager with the Children’s Home of Lubbock, they instill a family bond with their children as they all deserve to feel at home.

“We want our homes on campus and our foster homes to feel like a home for our children, and part of that is having Christmas decorations. So, we want our homes all throughout campus to look like Christmastime,” Jessen said.

To donate any toys, decorations or monetary donations, call the Children’s Home of Lubbock at (806) 762-0481 for more information.