LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock Police arrested Jeremiah Anthony Guerrero, 22, of Lubbock on Thursday for the murder of Christopher Jolly, 17. Derik Edmond, 22, was arrested Wednesday morning also for murder.

After Guerrero was taken into custody, a copy of his arrest warrant and Edmond’s warrant became available, and they provided new details of what led up to the shooting and killing of Jolly.

Police responded to a shots-fired call Monday morning at about 2:30 a.m.

Police previously said, “A large crowd gathered in the 2600 block of E. Baylor Street when shots were fired.”

The warrant said Jolly’s sister and her friends were among the people in the 2600 block of East Baylor Street. The warrant said Guerrero (AKA Bruno) and Edmond (AKA Trill) told the sister and their friends to leave.

It’s not clear if Jolly was there for very long or just passing through the area in the passenger seat of a vehicle. The sister got into a vehicle to leave.

“She looked back and noticed her brother Christopher Jolly in a red Lexus,” the warrant said.

The warrant said Guerrero was in front of the same vehicle where Jolly was seated. The warrant said Edmond was standing at the passenger door near Jolly.

Christopher Jolly, 17. Courtesy images

The sister then said she saw Jolly get out and run.

“She heard shots and looked away [and] did not see who was shooting,” the warrant said.

Police talked to other witnesses. One of them was in the vehicle with Jolly (AKA Gigg)

“[The witness] stated a Hispanic male with a pistol approached the front of their vehicle, he started hitting their vehicle hood and telling Gigg [Jolly] to get out.”

Jolly got out and began to run away, according to this witness. That’s when shots were fired.

The warrant has a similar account from yet another witness.

“[Another witness] stated Bruno [Guerrero] approached the front of their vehicle. Bruno had a pistol in his hand hitting the hood of the vehicle telling Christopher to get out and Trill [Edmond] was near the front passenger door. Christopher exited the vehicle and ran westbound towards the back of the vehicle. She heard two shots and they drove off. They went around the block and returned. They located Christopher on the ground with gunshots.”

200 block of Zenith Avenue (Nexstar/Staff)

The warrant is not clear if Guerrero fired or if maybe both Guerrero and Edmond both fired shots.

When police arrived, they found Jolly bleeding on the ground. EMS took him to University Medical Center where he was later pronounced dead. A police report said officers found a shell casing, and a vehicle that appeared to be damaged from gunfire.

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