City allows community to tour water facility


The City of Lubbock invited the public to tour one of their water treatment facilities to see up close how they handle the water this community drinks and bathes in.

The water at this facility originally comes from Lake Alan Henry..

“We have pre-treatment, we settle out the big debris in the water prior to going into our mebranes,” said Wood Franklin, division director of public works.

However, the water doesn’t look or taste the same once it goes through the treatment process.

“[There are] chemicals that we [use] for killing the bacteria and making sure the water is healthy and safe for the general public,” Franklin said.

Millions of gallons of water run through the tubes and are saved in case something happens with a pipeline in the city, Franklin said.

“We have terminal storage resovoir so basically that’s 225 million gallons of lake alan henry water on site,” Franklin said.

One family who toured the facility says they wanted to know what it takes to get the water to their home.

“I don’t know very much about where our water comes from,” said Keely Gnagy, who toured the facility.

Gnagy even had a few questions about how safe it is.

“Swimming at Buffalo Springs Lake and seeing the water there and then you see the water come out of your tap and the water comes out of a similar lake,” Gnagy said.

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