LUBBOCK, Texas- On Tuesday, the Lubbock City Council passed a resolution, agreeing to work with a nonprofit that will help allocate funding for the new downtown park, a city official told on Thursday.

The resolution called for the City of Lubbock to partner up with Lubbock Experience Inc., which started 15 years ago.

In 2007, the director of the Convention of Visitors Bureau in Lubbock started looking for was to help fund community events.

“She applied for a 501c3 designation for an entity, which they eventually called ‘Lubbock Experience’ and then promptly, it sat dormant and we really haven’t done anything with it up until the tornado memorial got established,” said John Osborne, President & CEO of Lubbock Economic Development Alliance & Market Lubbock.

Lubbock Experience Inc. gave people a way to help fund projects in the community.

“You’re not able to give dollars to the city of Lubbock and be able to write it off on your taxes,” Osborne began. “Lubbock Experience is available to help with those donations so that people that are interested in giving to the park have a vehicle to be able to donate to and be able to write it off.”

The park will have a splash pad, event stage and an area for dogs, among other features.

“The park will be an enabler for other projects to take place because as you have beautiful spots in your downtown, that encourages residents to live downtown; work in downtown, which also means that you’ve got housing that could potentially come downtown; businesses.”

Officials said they hope Civic Park will be ready to open by fall of 2024.

To learn more about the project or make a donation, click here.