City of Lubbock approves resolution to accept petition regarding sanctuary city of the unborn


LUBBOCK, Texas — On Monday, the Lubbock City Secretary presented a resolution to the Lubbock City Council, verifying a citizen’s petition regarding making Lubbock a ‘Sanctuary City of the Unborn.’

Nearly 20 people signed up to provide citizen’s comment.

“There’s 19 people that signed up to speak, they’re all on the same item,” Mayor Dan Pope said. “Let’s make sure we’re clear on this, it’s on item 6.13. We’re not considering that ordinance tonight. All we’re doing is considering a resolution that makes the petition valid.”

The city received a certificate, confirming the number of valid signatures in support of an ordinance that would make Lubbock a sanctuary city for the unborn. The Office of the City Secretary received 5,780 signatures, and 4,526 signatures were validated as “qualified,” according to the City Secretary.

“Comments tonight will only be allowed pursuant to us passing a resolution, which is on our consent agenda,” Pope said.

Items in the consent agenda will be passed along with several others altogether, without any further discussion, which was met with some strain.

“The 19 people that did come here to speak about the topic, there’s no point in us speaking,” Lubbock resident Victoria Nelson said.

Mayor Pope responded she would have her time to speak during the public hearing on Nov. 17. Nelson said she hadn’t seen the announcement online, to which Pope said the agenda was posted last Thursday.

Folks instead were asked to talk about the resolution, and the petition itself, like the process of collecting signatures.

Pro-choice advocate Isabelle Ramos said she is glad the city is following procedure.

“And affording the public the process in reviewing this petition,” Ramos said.

The Public Hearing is set for Nov. 17.

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