LUBBOCK, Texas — On Tuesday, the City of Lubbock recognized Lubbock Power and Light crew members after they travelled to Newton, Texas to help with Hurricane Laura relief.

The crew arrived in the city of Newton on Thursday, Aug. 27. Senior power line foreman, Brady Anderson, said the crew spent two days travelling to Newton, and spent nine days working.

“Pretty much total destruction, there was trees, poles, wire you name it,” Anderson said.

Eleven crew members with LP&L worked to restore power for more than 2,000 people following the hurricane.

“First and foremost we just had to find a starting point, find a way to make sure we got it safe,” Anderson said.

Anderson said they worked to get power back at the substation, before getting power back at places such as grocery stores and convenient stores. Then, they worked on getting power back on for homes. Crews said they would work more than 16 hours a day to get it all done.

“I had to stop these guys from working every night cause they thought well, 20 more minutes we can get another 5 houses but they had to save a little in the tank cause we’re living on 3, 4, 5 hours of sleep every night to get up and do it all over again,” Anderson said.

With plenty of volunteers, the crews were ready to spend three weeks out in the field. But for many of them, like Jorge Romo, it was their first time responding to the call for help.

“We took care of each other. We weren’t worried. We had to look out for everything that with all of us there, we weren’t worried,” Romo said.

Romo said they worked long hours in the heat, which was a humbling experience.

“You take it all for granted because when we’re working here, we go home at night, we see our families. When you’re down there you see people who lost everything,” Brad Harrison, crew member with LP&L said.

The men said, seeing the street lights illuminate the small Texas town was an awesome experience.

“The first two and a half days we weren’t seeing any fruits of our labor, people still out of power and once the transmission came hot, like Jorge said, we started getting some lights on then seeing people’s faces light up,” Romo said.