LUBBOCK, Texas — The City of Lubbock said it will pay contractors to help mow lawns because they are backed up.

The City pays $40 to mow a vacant lot and $65 to mow at a residence. Any trash picked up on the lawn is an additional payment of $30.

The City said it has been backed up in maintaining lawns for the last six weeks, and it needs to mow about 450 lawns; although, they can’t because of low resources.

To mow a lawn that is in violation usually takes about one to two weeks, but because of the backup, it is now taking nearly a month.

To determine if a property violates the city code, inspectors need to go out to a property. If a citation is issued, the property owners have seven days to get their lawn mowed. After that, the inspectors will go back out and reinspect. If it has not been mowed, the property is put on a mowers list.

“As of this morning, I’ve got 11 private contractors. We’ve got people that have tractors and shredders, and we’ve also got people that just do regular front yard backyard and ally mowing,” said Stuart Walker, the Director of Code Administration. “I’m still needing anybody that wants or is interested. We take people on as private contractors…”

The Code of Administration has contractor packets that are available for pick up. In the packet, it has all the information regarding what kind of insurance you must have.

If you work with a crew, you must carry a workmen’s comp., insurance and then either a tax id number or driver’s license, and Social Security number, for tax federal government tax reporting purposes.

To become a private contractor with the city, there are several ways you can contact them; going into the office at 1314 Avenue K, dialing 311 or 806-775-300, or visiting the ‘MyLBK app.’