Cleaning Up After Flooding in Lubbock


After rains on Wednesday led to flooded streets and buildings, Lubbock residents and businesses rushed to cleanup the water damage.

Carpet Tech in Lubbock explained they had over 30 calls to assist with flood damage after this weather event. While the event wasn’t as significant as the one in early June which  led to  over 150 calls to assist with flood damage, this bout of  rain certainly caused damage.

“It’s just overwhelming, it’s not something you can control, you can’t seemingly do anything about it,” said Fern Walker who lives in Central Lubbock.

She’s lived in her current home for four decades without water flooding her home, but this year has been different.

“[The water] comes up, but it had never been in the house until June 1, but it had never been in the house and then yesterday it came in again,” Walker said Thursday.

In June, water flooded her house, coming into her bedrooms, and soaking her belongings. She said she was thankful to have flood insurance, and with help from ServPro the water damage was cleaned up.

But the physical structure of her house below four feet in height had to be replaced. Which is why during the flooding this week, she blocked off her entryways. During the flooding she swept water away from her doorway. But plenty of water flooded through her yard, water marks all over her yard were over a foot high.

Cleaning businesses have also been busy with calls to repair water damage.

“When the rain started getting serious, it was probably within the first 20 minutes we started getting calls,” explained Jared Boyd of Carpet Tech.

Boyd said that during any serious weather event like this, Carpet Tech has employees working around the clock to help with damage.

He added that in Lubbock, low lying areas are especially at risk.

“The most common cause is in Lubbock because the streets are down low, they fill up with water first,” he said. “And as cars drive through them they fill up with waves which send water through the front door. We had reports yesterday of 3 foot high waves hitting the front doors and water rushing into their homes.”

Boyd said there are a few ways to cut down on damage. He recomends turning on fans to help dry out the water and removing electronics from the floor level before flooding hits. One of the most important tips: Boyd advises lining your doorways with towels or blankets.  While he said towels  won’t prevent damage entirely, it keeps some water from seeping in.

Fern Walker lined her doorways with blankets and towels during this week’s flooding, and doing so paid off, water only seeped into her entry way this time.

But she worries about future rain, she’s called a city engineer because she wants some guidance about how to protect her home.

“I was thinking I’d put some cement out the front door there and maybe outside the house, but you know I would like somebody besides me to make that decision”

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