Local family celebrates – woman gifted LEGO bricks from LEGO Company for 100th birthday


COCHRAN COUNTY, Texas — After surpassing the age limit on an old box of LEGO bricks, a 100-year-old Texas woman was gifted a brand new box — now without an age limit.

On Wednesday, Stephanie Nunn shared a Facebook post of her grandmother, Olive Deavours, holding a brand new box of LEGO bricks for those who are 4-years-old and beyond.

Nunn said The LEGO Company responded to her grandmother playing with LEGO bricks at the age of 99 the day before she turned 100, showing she was playing with them on the last day of the age limit of 99. The box said for ages 4 – 99.

“It was talking about the age to 99!” Deavours said. “”She said we need to write ’em and tell ’em it’s not right because this is not 99, it’s 100.”

The LEGO Company responded by sending the grandmother a brand new box of LEGO bricks with no age limit and a message wishing the grandmother a happy birthday. LEGO also said the age limits are just suggestions, and adults of all ages continue to still play with LEGO bricks.

Olive Deavours is mother to four, grandmother to 16, 31 great grandchildren, and 18 great great grandchildren. She has a passion for art and music. She taught music at Whiteface Elementary for several years, and also taught piano privately. She continued to sub until she was 98-years-old.

“I want to help these young kids to go on and get their education,” Deavours said.

Deavours also beat coronavirus, and was able to recover from a bad fall. She said she has lived to 100 because of her family and God. She said she loves all of her children, and wanted to mention her great-granddaughters, Kaylah and Kylie Deavours, will be competing in the semi regional finals for Whiteface ladies’ basketball.

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