LUBBOCK, Texas — Costco Wholesale Corporation filed a response Thursday to a lawsuit filed against them in April by a Lubbock man. The lawsuit accused Costco of selling a pressure washer that exploded and caused injury to the man in April 2020.

The lawsuit was also filed against the company that made the pressure washer, Techtronic Industries.

In the original complaint, Randy Keeler claimed he suffered “severe, permanent injuries” after a gasoline-operated pressure washer he bought exploded.

Keeler claimed he attempted to start the pressure washer and was unable to. He said he called a Techtronic customer service representative and was given instructions on how to start the pressure washer but was still unable to get it to stay on for more than a few seconds at a time.

Keeler claimed the pressure washer exploded when he loosened the gas cap to check the fuel level.

According to court documents, Keeler claimed he suffered first-degree burns to his scalp, face and neck, and second-degree burns to the left side of his neck.

Costco denied the accusations in the lawsuit, according to court documents.

Keeler claimed Costco knew or should have known the pressure washer was dangerous, but Costco said the product “complied with or exceeded” applicable standards and claimed Keeler did not follow product warnings and instructions.

Costco also accused Keeler of misusing the product.

The lawsuit continued as of Friday.