LUBBOCK, Texas – It’s been a long wait, but West Texas is finally expecting some rainfall this week. For cotton farmers in the area, Tuesday night’s possible rain will determine when they plant the seeds.

Cotton harvest typically falls around the first of October and right now is planting season for cotton farmers. The final plant date to get the seeds down is June 5 in Lubbock County.

Steven Brosch of Slaton and Jeremiah Duenes of Shallowater both grow cotton. Both said the amount of rain received in the area this week would help them find the best time to lay down the seeds.

“We will need significant rainfall in order to tell because it has been so dry for so long, but God is good, and He will supply our needs,” Duenes said.

He has managed his own farm for around seven years and said this year, so far, has been the most difficult for him. For Brosch, this year has been the most worrisome.

“If we can get it started–when we do have that moisture there–it can start growing and getting its roots down. It’s just not time yet. The gut feeling isn’t there,” he explained.

Brosch said that while 2021 was a dry year also, they didn’t have to battle the winds 2022 has brought on thus far. They said heavy winds are very harsh on baby cotton that’s starting to grow.

“The first step is obviously getting it up, and that’s the hardest part. Once you can get it up it’s pretty much out of your hands, and you’re just set tending to it,” Duenes added.

While irrigation keeps the crop up between rainfalls, Brosch said that in a dry year like this. It won’t keep up on irrigation alone.

“We have to have some help,” he said.