LUBBOCK, Texas– Court records revealed on Friday how the suspects in the officer-involved shooting earlier this week were also accused of multiple robberies in Lubbock, and a burglary in Littlefield.


On August 20, a Lubbock Police officer responded to the first report of a robbery at the Overton Hotel, 2322 Mac Davis Lane at about 2:00 a.m., according to court records. The victim told the officer that “a gold Ford pickup approached him as he was walking through the parking lot.”

“The one armed with the gun used the gun to strike [the victim].”

court records

The victim said that one male got out pointing a gun at him. Then, three other males exited the pickup and began assaulting him, according to court records. “The subjects continued assault [the victim] and the one armed with the gun, used the gun to strike [the victim].”

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The victim told police that the suspects stole his wallet, got back to the pickup and fled the scene. He had blood on his bottom lip and a laceration to the inside of his lip, the court records state.

Two victims had “a large amount of blood” on their face and head.

court records

Then, at about 2:15 a.m., a police corporal responded to a report of shots fired at the intersection of 27th Street and Avenue P. When the corporal arrived on scene, he met with two victims who had “a large amount of blood” on their face and head, while the other victim had “swelling to the left side of his face,” according to court records.

Both victims told the corporal that a gold Ford pickup drove up them, and four males got out of the pickup.

“All four males had handguns and demanded [the victims’] property,” the court records state. The victims said at one point, all four males began assault them both and took their property, including a backpack and then fled the scene in the pickup.

Officer involved-shooting

At approximately 2:30 a.m., another LPD corporal located the gold Ford pickup in the area of 50th Street and Interstate 27. Court records state the pickup immediately began to evade and a vehicle pursuit ensued.

In the 4200 block of Avenue N, the vehicle slowed and four individuals fled from the vehicle, falling to the asphalt in the process. Then, they got up and ran in different directions, according to court records.

“At that time the individual fired one shot striking K9 Max.”


Once the suspects ran, the corporal chased the suspect, later identified as a 14-year-old juvenile, into the backyard of 1302 43rd Street. The corporal then “gave the command to K9 Max to bite the individual,” court records state.

“At that time the individual fired one shot striking K9 Max,” court records state.

Then, the corporal returned fire and struck the juvenile. The juvenile was then taken into custody, along with a stolen pistol, according to court records. After the juvenile was transported to University Medical Center, the gold Ford pickup was processed at the police department.

Image of Max provided by Lubbock Police

While investigators collected evidence from the pickup, a second stolen firearm was located, according to court records. Investigators stated that the recovered firearms were stolen in a burglary from Gebo’s in Littlefield on a previous date.

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The court records state that fourteen other firearms were stolen from Gebo’s at the same time as the two that were recovered in the aggravated robbery case.

Identifying the suspects

A detective later interviewed a victim of one of the robberies, who was able to identify “Tyrail” Jermane Hardrick as one of the suspects. He was described as approximately 6 feet 1 inch with “puffy” hair that had “rag tails,” court records state. The victim also added that the “rag tails” were similar to braids. The victim told the detective that Hardrick was the male that struck them with the firearm.

Another suspect, Dornnell Moore, 17, was identified through fingerprints in the pickup truck, according to court records. However, fingerprints that were examined also belonged to several different individuals, including a person who’s name was redacted from the court records.

As for Cameron Lee Stacey, his father called detectives and said he wanted to bring his son in for an interview.


Moore was arrested on unrelated charges and was taken to the Lubbock Metropolitan Special Crimes Unit. Once investigators interviewed Moore, he “admitted to being the driver of the vehicle at the time of the robbery at the Overton Hotel,” court records state.

Moore also provided details about the robbery, including the location, and also described who was involved and their roles in the robbery.

Moore then went on to provide the name of Cameron Stacey, 17, as another male who was involved in the robberies that morning, court records state.

Moreover, court records state Moore then provided the name “Tyrail” and showed investigators “the Facebook name for ‘Tyrail’ as ‘Jermane Hardrick.” He also told investigators that a young kid, who was referred to as “the 14 year old” and “A.” Another suspect’s name was provided but was redacted from court records.

Arresting Moore and Stacey

On August 22, the Texas Anti-Gang Unit was able to located Hardrick as the passenger in a vehicle, according to court records. The male that was driving the vehicle was “in possession of a firearm and was a convicted felon.” The driver, who remained unidentified, was arrested and a vehicle inventory was then conducted.

“During the inventory, four other firearms were located,” court records state. “These four firearms were all listed as stolen. These firearms were stolen in the burglary of Gebo’s in Littlefield, Texas.”

Investigators were able to match the physical description of Hardrick that was given to him by the victim who had their head struck and property stolen, according to court records. The detective also observed “a small abrasion to the left knee of Tyrail Jermane Hardrick which was consistent with falling on asphalt.” Court records stated Hardrick was arrested on charges unrelated to the case.

An investigator on the case said that the alibi Cameron Lee Stacey provided was not true

court records

“Hardrick was also found to be in possession of a firearm stolen from the same burglary the firearms that were recovered from the scene of the shooting,” court records state.

As for Stacey, his father called detectives and said he wanted to bring his son in for an interview.

Stacey told investigators he “was in the stolen truck on the night of the incident,” court records state, “however, he had been dropped off at his residence prior to the robberies or the shooting.”

Moreover, Stacey told investigators the front passenger in the gold Ford pickup was a black male with his hair pulled back into a “ponytail”. Investigators then showed Stacey a screenshot from the robbery at the Overton Hotel “where the suspect’s ponytail is clearly visible,” court records state.

Stacey then denied any involvement in the events that led up to the shooting and told investigators he “was dropped off at his residence” between 11:00 p.m. and midnight on August 19 and 20.

However, another investigator on the case said that the alibi Stacey provided was not true, court records state. Investigators said Stacey was not able to provide any other alibi for the night of the incident.

Investigators also observed abrasions on Stacey’s knees, which were consistent with him falling on the asphalt.

Dornnell Moore, 17, Cameron Lee Stacey, 17, and Jermane Hardrick, 20, were held as of Friday morning in the Lubbock County Detention Center.