Covenant Children’s Unique Child Care


 Every parent’s first priority when their child is seriously ill is to get them the best treatment possible.

But, sometimes that treatment requires extended stays in the hospital pulling children and teens from the things they love.

Unlike any other hospital in West Texas Covenant Children’s has five hidden surprises for their youngest patients.

One surprise is Lindsey’s Park for the youngest patients.
From basketball, to race cars, to story time, the room is designed to cater and care for small children.

“The best way to help your child cope is to keep them playing and doing all of the things they love to do, because that’s how children learn, that’s how they master their environment and understand what’s happening around them,” said Christine Neugebauer, Manager of Integrative Care at Covenant Children’s.

But, obviously different ages have different interests.
Neugebaur says their teen patients sometimes have the most difficult time coping.

“Trying to get the teenager to come out of their room is really a big step because sometimes they’re a little more shy because they don’t want to appear un-cool,” said Neugebauer.

That’s why the teen room not only has a PlayStation, Xbox, hang out area and Foosball table, it also has regular clothing to give teens a sense of normalcy.

Two other rooms provide children of all ages a cultural escape from their hospital room and treatment.
The first is the performance arts theater.

Here bands, magicians and even dance groups come to teach the children.

Plus, a camera on the ceiling allows everything that happens in this room to be seen by anyone staying in the hospital.
The other, a music room full of instrument for children to either continue to play or learn.

“I really think that providing opportunities for children to be expressive and creative can help with their emotional adjustment to either the hospitalization or the illness that they’re experiencing,” said Neugebaur.

“Having children continue to grow and develop while they’re in the hospital is really important philosophy for our department and our hospital in general,” explained Neugebaur.

We did mention there are five room the last one is the Tim Tebow room.

That room as two large screen t-v’s, play stations, movies and board games.

Which is great for families who want to spend time together outside of the patients room.

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