Covenant Health Community Spotlight: A glimpse into the world of our doctors and nurses


PLAINVIEW, Texas — Our healthcare workers have been on the front lines fighting this pandemic since it started 8 months ago.

And they aren’t stopping anytime soon.

Covenant Health Plainvew Emergency Department nurse Audrey Sutton and Med-Surg Hospitalist Doctor William Hatch gave KAMC News a glimpse into their lives the past few months.

“I feel like I’m living the pandemic every day when I get here,” Sutton said. “Just having all those emotions. The sadness, the grief on top of being so busy and overwhelmed.”

“Nice people dying and nice families mourning that’s the hardest thing,” explained Dr. Hatch.

“I would say the worse thing about the pandemic is seeing your friends, your neighbors, your family get sick and then seeing them pass away,” Sutton said.

And it’s the vivid memories during this pandemic that make it the hardest says Dr. Hatch.

“It’s when you take grandma’s dead finger to unlock her phone with her fingerprint so that you can get the phone number of her family and update them and then you see text messages on screen saying, ‘Keep fighting grandma’ and ‘We love you grandma’,” Dr. Hatch said.

But even with the unimaginable hardships, these doctors and nurses keep going.

“Sometimes I see my kids 10 minutes at a time once or twice a week,” Dr. Hatch said. “It’s a lot of hard work and there are sometimes you think you can’t keep going but you always have enough energy for one more day.”

“I feel like I have a calling to help those who are in need,” Sutton said. “Just knowing that I’m coming to work and I’m helping those who are sick and they can’t get help anywhere else.”

And they know one day it won’t be this way.

But until then, both Dr. Hatch and Sutton say to wear your mask, wash your hands and practice social distancing.

“Continue praying for the sick and continue wearing your masks,” Sutton said. “I know it’s hard but if we all come together and take this from multiple directions the spiritual, the physical, the mental. We can get through this together.”

Covenant Health is raising money for their caregiver fund and need your help.

The fund will purchase a meal from United for every Covenant caregiver and their family.

Covenant will be doing a day of giving December 9th to raise money for the fund.

A small way to say thank you for all their hard work.

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