Covenant Health Community Spotlight: Catholic Charities Parent Empowerment Program


LUBBOCK, Texas — Catholic Charities of Lubbock has a number of different programs to help people all over the South Plains.

“The agency itself is important to the community because we’re able to offer help to people who don’t necessarily have the resources that they need,” explained Executive Director Cynthia Quintanilla.

One of those programs is the Parent Empowerment Program.

“It helps students who are trying to get an education get back to school and work their way out of poverty,” Quintanilla explained.

The funds in the program goes toward helping the parent stay in school.

That parent might have to cut back on hours at work to continue their classes.

The program will give them money to make sure their bills are paid.

“They’re really helpful by providing those resources while they’re trying to do that and especially if they have family who are depending on them who are still relying on them to pay all the bills and be able to simultaneously work, take care of family and go to school,” Quintanilla said.

The program also helps parents get their GED or their college degree so these parents can have the best future possible for themselves and their families.

“Many times they make a decision when they’re 19, 18 or 17 years old and they think that’s the end and it’s not,” said Sabrina Robbins, Program Director at Catholic Charities. “We like to believe that we can empower people at any stage of life.”

You can learn more information about Catholic Charities right here on their website.

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