LUBBOCK, Texas — Due to COVID-19 a lot of things have transitioned from in-person to online.

That includes parenting classes at the Family Guidance Center of Lubbock.

One of those classes focuses on the dangers of Shaken Baby Syndrome and the real life visuals still make a big impact inside a classroom or online.

The class uses robotic babies that cry.

“The class is really how to help the baby cope with that crying how can we get it to stop crying and if that doesn’t work the importance of setting the baby down and separating yourself from the baby,” explained instructor Kim Vann.

They have clear skulls so when they are shaken you can see the impact that makes on their tiny brains and what that specific part functions.

“The reason why we take these into the schools and our parenting programs we love the impact of the clear skull,” Vann explained. “And so with that you can see the importance of brain function. So where each section of the brain is highlighted those are what your brain controls. So when we shake the baby you’ll see the lights turn on and that’s the part of the brain that has been damaged from that. And when the baby stops crying that is severe damage possibly even death.”

Vann says the class is also helpful for parents to know that they’re not alone in the stress of parenthood.

“Just realizing you’re not by yourself, realizing this is my third child and this one is different and this is real and you’re not the only one going through that,” Vann said.

The class is free for anyone and offered virtually through Zoom.

You can register on the Family Guidance Center of Lubbock’s website.