LUBBOCK, Texas — A WIC clinic is now in a Lubbock grocery store, the first kind of partnership like this in the state.

The clinic is inside the United Supermarket at 2630 Parkway Drive.

WIC is an income based program that helps pregnant women, infants and children get the nutrition that they need to live a healthier life.

Clients can go into the clinic and learn about the benefits, get enrolled and then go and do their grocery shopping in one quick stop.

“It’s been really great because sometimes there is confusion between what brands they can buy or what foods they can get so we have moms comes up with gallons of milk asking if this is the brand they can get,” explained WIC nutritionist and clinic manager Jacy Berta. “So it’s been really nice to step away from the clinic into the grocery store and help our moms and families shop the different things they can buy.”

And the brick and mortar location is helping more and more women every month.

“Before this we were located in a mobile unit in the parking lot of the store and we were seeing around 125 people a month,” Berta said. “We’ve actually grown 66% so we’re seeing 450 people a month so we’ve jumped up quite a bit.”

Berta says the partnership has been great and she can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

“You can see them in the grocery store shop the second that they leave here so you know it’s really helping these families out and really making these families healthier,” Berta said.