LUBBOCK, Texas — On Friday, federal health officials announced they would end the recommended pause of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, however, the FDA will be issuing a mandated warning about the potential risk of a rare but serious blood clot.

Regional Executive Director of Pharmacy for Covenant Health, Wesley Wells, said leaders with Covenant sat in on the CDC meetings on Friday, as they discussed the matter.

“We’re recuperating to figure out what’s the best approach and hopefully today we’ll get some good guidelines,” Wells said.

A panel of advisers with the CDC voted to resume the single shot vaccine on Friday.

“[We] would love to get them out to the right population,” Wells said.

Wells said the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was the only shot available at Covenant in Lubbock, so they had to stop immunizing for 11 days. He said they have held onto the vaccines, as they have a three month shelf life, according to Johnson & Johnson.

“It’s really impacted some of the the outreach programs that we were looking at doing. We were looking at trying to get it to certain people that maybe couldn’t get to the city,” Wells said.

Now that the immunization will be available again, Wells said the blood clots reported are extremely rare.

“It’s the funnest time ever to say something is literally a one in a million chance,” Wells said.

According to the CDC meeting, out of 8 million doses given, 16 cases of blood clots were reported amongst women. Only three have died.