LUBBOCK, Texas– Covenant Health, in the spirit of EMS appreciation week, provided a warm meal to all responders in the area. They kicked off the event around 11:00 a.m. and kept serving up food until later in the afternoon to give first responders plenty of time to participate in the festivities. 

EMS Assistant Director Matt Troxel said that it’s not often that he and his fellow team members have time to enjoy a meal, let alone share a meal together. 

“We love to eat,” Troxel said. “A lot of time we only have time to eat on the run. So, if you can take 5 to 10 minutes … Just take some time to get a meal in, talk, have a good time, and relax. That’s always nice.”  

Covenant Health, along with AeroCare, sponsored the event and provided all the staff and supplies in honor of those who do so much for their communities. 

Covenant Health’s Kite Flight Specialty Coordinator, Cherish Brodbeck, said it’s important to take a moment to value and appreciate those who are absolutely essential to the community. 

“Show our appreciation to them,” Brodbeck said, “let them know that we care about them. We care about their well-being. We care about what they do everyday. The impact that they have on our community … Someone that can help you in your time of need … They put themselves at risk every single day. So, the fact that they do that for us. Being able to show that appreciation is so important.” 

Along with a hot meal, the event included prizes, giveaways, and goodie bags.