LUBBOCK, Texas — Chances of snow in the forecast and holidays around the corner means the demand for firewood has gone up, and like many other local businesses, inflation has affected them too.

“The cost of fuel and finding employees and just everything went up about 25 or 30 percent,” said Jody York, owner of Freedom Firewood. 

York has been in business for the past 20 years, seeing everything from shortages to rising costs and this year is no different. The main issue York says they’ve struggled with is trucking and finding employees, but York says finding supplies is no worry. 

“We have a pretty good supply and good suppliers. We’ve been doing it long enough that I’ve got good contacts. If we run out, we have something the next day. I mean, we’ve never been all the way out for weeks at a time,” said York. 

York says he’s busy this time of year because of the holidays and the drop in temperature, “especially when it’s cold, everybody’s worried about the electricity and power going out.”

The demand for firewood is expected to increase as the winter season approaches, but York says the best thing you can do is support local.