LUBBOCK, Texas — Charles “DJ Sancho” Sanchez, 37, went on trial Tuesday in Lubbock for indecency with a child. On Wednesday, both prosecutors and the defense made opening statements to the jury.

The original court documents in the case, filed in 2019, accused Sanchez of being drunk and pressuring an underage girl to consume alcohol. He was accused of inappropriately touching more than one girl.

The defense team of Troy Nicholson and Ben Garcia told the jury that the charges against Sanchez are “malarkey.”

“Nothing inappropriate or sexual happened,” Garcia told the jury. “The evidence is going to be that it was not a molestation.”

Garcia described incidents in which there was horseplay between Sanchez and the girls with whom he lived but nothing intentionally sexual. Garcia indicated there had been underage alcohol consumption and, yes, Sanchez told one of the girls to keep quiet. But his conduct was not sexual, Garcia told the jury, and he never exposed himself to the girls.

Prosecutors made Sanchez out to be like a lion or a predator who treated the girls like prey.

“The evidence will show you that these incidences occurred at different times. Their mom was out of town; they were alone and not protected,” prosecutor Austin Sanford told the jury.

“This case rest heavily whether or not you believe these girls,” Sanford said in opening arguments. “Kids lie every day, but how many lie about being sexual assaulted.”

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Sanford cautioned the jury that the mom might testify for the defense instead of the prosecution. He cautioned the jury that the victims might get portrayed as vindictive, but he gave his assurance the girls are not lying for gain or to stay out of trouble. He promised they will tell the truth.

The trial continued as of Wednesday. will continue to follow developments.

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