LUBBOCK, Texas — Two police reports provided new information about the robbery of Bank of America, 5144 82nd Street, on Wednesday afternoon. Those police reports also provided new information about the suspect, David Edward Chambliss, 59. Chambliss was also listed in the robbery of an EZ Mart on Tuesday.

An officer wrote, “I went and spoke with [the teller who was robbed] at the teller counter. I observed that [she] was visibly upset and was crying. She needed a few minutes to gain her composure before speaking with me.”

“[The teller] advised that [the bank robber] came into the bank and approached her teller station. … [The robber] said something like ‘don’t cause a scene’ and demanded large bills,” the police report said.

The robber then handed her a demand note.

“The note said something about her dying and that [the bank robber] wanted a certain amount of money,” the police report said. She counted out the money and gave it to him. He took the money and left.

A different bank employee told officers that the robber was a customer, and they would be able to provide more information.

“I observed a photo of [the bank robber] and recognized him as the suspect from the Robbery at EZ Mart the night before,” police said.

Police have not yet released details on the convenience store robbery.

Officers located Chambliss at Extended Stay America, 4802 South Loop 289, that same day, as he was walking toward the building from the parking lot.

An officer wrote, “I turned [Chambliss] around and gained control of his hands to place him in handcuffs. [Chambless] had a few objects in his hands including a small clear plastic baggie with a white powder like substance.”

“I told [Chambliss] to drop the objects. I recognized the substance as possible cocaine through my training and experience,” the police report said. The powder later tested positive for cocaine, according to the police report.

The specific amount of money taken in the bank robbery was not disclosed.

Chambliss remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center on Friday in lieu of bonds totaling $30,000.