LUBBOCK, Texas – Downtown Lubbock is a place more and more people are starting to call home. It’s becoming a hotspot for those shopping for apartments.

Some experts in the housing market say that the demand is up for people wanting to live in a place that is unique. For Courthouse Lofts, the idea to keep that uniqueness started in 2017 when it started to take residents.

Jim Snyder, the manager of the property said, “The courthouse, the first floor, those ceiling heights are 13 feet. And in the courtroom, it’s 18. I mean, it’s just this volume of space that really adds a lot to the specialness.”

This historic structure is one of many in Lubbock’s Downtown area that has been redeveloped into housing complexes.

Dan Williams, broker and owner of Williams and Company Real Estate said, “We’ve got the in-town project, which is the old Kimmel center; there’s a group from out of Lubbock that’s working on that right now.” He also discussed the Metro Tower and City Street Lofts as other housing projects in the works.

Snyder has a passion for preserving historic buildings and said, “A lot of times you don’t know what you’re going to find; when you begin to carve away all this stuff that has been applied and put up covering what that historic structure was originally.”

And Downtown Lubbock has been taking on a more “big city” type of vibe, one could say with as much surface level parking as Downtown Houston. Williams said, “The city’s really on top of it. And I’m excited to see how it continues to change.”

For both of these experts, the younger population has shown more of an interest in calling this area home. For Courthouse Lofts, Snyder said around 60%-70% of their residents are females.