Drunk Driver Crashes onto Central Lubbock Property, Neighbors Say This Happens Far too Often


In the early hours of Saturday morning a truck barreled around a curve on Quaker Avenue into the fence on  Victoria Boyd’s property.  It’s an experience she’s become all too familiar with.

Boyd said she was in her dining room, eating ice cream, when when a power line crashed through her window, overturning items in her kitchen and sending glass into the ice cream she was eating.

“It started shaking my house the walls of my house and I could tell from that instant it was going to be another accident,” Boyd said

Boyd’s next door neighbor Gabriel Tarin was awake playing video games at the time and heard the truck crash as well.

“It’s amazing when you hear this sound, and you can’t move, you’re just waiting for something to happen, you don’t know if it’s gonna hit your house or if life is gonna be on the line,” said Tarin.

Boyd said she got out to see the damage and described the truck as a “mangled mess,” surrounded in smoke and smelling strongly of diesel.

Lubbock Police report that Scott Audibert, 24, was driving that 2016 Ford F-250 northbound on Quaker, when he lost control of the car, striking a utility pole and then Boyd’s fence. The two passengers in the truck suffered minor injuries. Audibert was uninjured but police arrested him for DWI.

Boyd showed EverythingLubbock.com the extensive damage to her property.  She said the car actually toppled two utility poles, one which fell and broke her back fence, another which crashed through her window. The city had already installed reflective poles on her property to protect her from these types of accidents, but many of those reflective poles were broken as well. Much of her fence was broken and remnants of the truck, the power poles, and her fence are littered around her property.  Boyd estimates the fence will cost several thousand dollars to fix.

“The city needs to step up and do something else,” Boyd said. “I’ve asked them for years for a guardrail, they keep telling me I don’t qualify for one, because I am on the straightaway, so all they would give me are reflectors that bend, because that way if anyone hits them they wont injure themselves. But the problem is they will injure me, they almost injured me this weekend, and I shouldn’t have to fear for my own life in my own home.”

She believes the traffic pattern along Quaker near her home is problematic.

“People are shifting lanes, they are going too fast around that corner, they lose control, and I am the first thing they are going to see when they try to straighten out,” Boyd said.

She said cars have crashed into her property five times in the last ten years

“They should put a guardrail [on Boyd’s property], that’s where it happens to them and it’s happened to them at least three times since I’ve lived here over six years,” Boyd’s neighbor Tarin added.

Boyd says she doesnt want to move, and she couldnt even if she wanted to

“Number one, whose going to buy it, its accident prone, no one’s gonna wanna buy my house because I’m sure it’s on the books that insurance for this house is really high” Boyd said. “My premiums have gone up already.”

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