LUBBOCK, Texas — Energy bills in the Hub City are increasing, but not because rates have changed or inflation is high, Lubbock Power & Light said on Wednesday.

“I wish they would stop charging me so much,” LP&L customer Tyler Mitchell told KLBK News.

Ranai Dempsey, a South Plains Electric Cooperative customer, added, “I don’t want to pay $100 more than what I’ve done my whole entire life. I mean, who wants to do that? Who has $100 extra?”

Like many others, Mitchell and Dempsey said their energy bills are higher than usual, but not necessarily surprising.

The Public Affairs and Government Relations Manager at LP&L, Matt Rose, said LP&L is seeing the typical increase in customers calling during this time of year about higher electric bills; many assuming the company’s rates have changed.

However, that is not the case, Rose said.

“You will hear a lot of times, customers say, ‘I’ve not changed anything about what I’m doing. So, why has my electric bill gone from $100 to $300?’ and it’s because if it is 70 degrees outside, and you want the air inside of your home to be 75, there’s not much that your air conditioning unit has to do… but if it is 95 degrees outside, your AC unit is working nonstop to try to keep the air inside of your home at 75,” said Rose.

Maximizing efficiency in your home could make a big difference, LP&L said.

Rose added, “The ultimate goal here is to focus on how [I am] getting the air inside my home to be the temperature I want it to be in the most efficient manner possible- not putting undue stress on my AC unit.”

With advanced meters all around the city, LP&L now has more information about its customers usage, “so that they can get a better idea of what their energy portfolio is and take more power on their side of the meter to affect that change,” Rose said.

He explained that saving energy would be “for your own economic benefit, but also for the stability of your local grid here- making sure that our demand does not get to a point where it puts undue stress on the grid.”

For more energy-saving tips, visit LP&L’s website.