LUBBOCK, Texas — The family of Robert Macias, Jr. sued Club Level on Wednesday. The lawsuit claims Club Level overserved Macias alcohol which ultimately led to his death.

On portion of the lawsuit said:

Robert Macias arrived at Defendants’ premises on the evening of June 28, 2019 and was served alcohol by Defendants into the early morning hours of June 29, 2019. Mr. Macias was stumbling and falling the entire time he was present at Defendants’ premises, to the point that he was falling onto other patrons of the club. Even though Mr. Macias was extremely intoxicated and clearly presented a danger to himself and others, Defendants negligently continued to serve him.

Under the so-called Dramshop Laws in Texas, bars can be sued for overserving intoxicated persons. The lawsuit seeks $1 million or more for negligence and wrongful death.

After Macias died, Robert Quevedo, 55, was indicted for failing to stop and render aid. The crash happened in the 2300 block of 28th Street, police said at the time. The case against Quevedo was still pending.

In April 2020, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission publicly announced action against Club Level.

“The owners of Level Nightclub, 1928 Buddy Holly Ave., have agreed to the cancellation of their permit following the TABC investigation,” TABC said in part. called a number to offer Club Level a chance to comment. But the number was no longer in service.