LUBBOCK, Texas — 10 days after 69-year-old Margie Johnson was killed in a drive-by shooting on East Colgate, her family said they’re still searching for answers.

Law enforcement has not made any arrests in the case, but they are hoping someone in the community knows who killed her.

“She was the sweetest person. She loved spending time with her kids and grandkids. She loved going to church, she was real Christian. She loved everybody. She raised all of us,” Margie’s granddaughter Nakia Johnson said.

Margie’s 44-year-old son Edward Johnson was sleeping in her home on the night of August 28, when he said he heard more than 20 gunshots. He found his mother bleeding in her armchair, shot as she was watching TV.

“I couldn’t believe it. Who would do something like that?,” he said. “You should be able to sit in your house watch TV and be safe, that’s your safe spot. It’s supposed to be. But you’ve got dummies out here shooting at houses. That’s cowardice.”

Margie’s family says they no longer feel safe in Lubbock. They feel fortunate that nobody else was home at the time of the shooting, as their family often visits and her infant great-grandchildren often stay there.

“It could have killed babies and all, my grandkids. They didn’t care who they killed evidently,” Edward said.

LPD has asked the public for information and Crimeline offered a $5,000 reward for anyone who turns in information that leads to an arrest

“We just want them to catch the person who did it,” Nakia said. “What happened to her was unbelievable. she was a great woman who didn’t deserve that.”

“It’s happening too much and we got to start making examples out of those kinds of crimes. I’m sick of it, I know the community is sick of it. This has affected a lot of people,” Edward said. “They don’t need to be out. If they’re capable of shooting up a house and killing an innocent woman, a godly woman, they’re capable of anything. We don’t need those kind of people walking the streets.”

Anyone with information on Margie’s death is encouraged to call Crimeline at (806) 741-1000.