LUBBOCK, Texas — The Aderholt family is in mourning following the death of three siblings in a matter of weeks. The family of seven siblings said they lost their sister, Darla Gumfory, to cancer as recently as Tuesday.

The Aderholt family is originally from Roswell, but moved to Lubbock several years ago. Billy and Billie Jean Aderholt were parents to seven kids. Their mother, Billie Jean, told her kids she wanted them to stay close.

“And we did,” Cynthia Holmes, their daughter, said. “We talked every single day, almost every single day. If it ain’t on messenger, it’s the phone.”

Holmes said the family found out their brother, Clint Aderholt, had cancer six months ago. He was the first of the siblings to pass. He died December 30 at the age of 53.

“He had a lot of brass. I mean he pretty much took up for me growing up,” his brother, Bob Aderholt, said.

A few weeks later, on February 12, the Aderholt family lost their second sibling, Debbie Roach Aderholt, to complications of coronavirus. She was 59.

“Debbie taught me to be strong. That’s where I got it from. She was a hard worker. That’s what she taught me,” the youngest sibling, Stephanie Aderholt, said.

Then on Tuesday, February 23, Holmes said Gumfory also died of cancer, affecting her whole body, at the age of 57.

“Miss hanging out together, talking,” Holmes said.

“He had a lot of brass I mean he pretty much took up for me growing up,” One of the siblings, Bob Aderholt, said.

He said he never would have imagined they would lose so many family members in such a short amount of time, especially with how close the family is.

“Then within six weeks, all three of them passed, and like Cindy said, you get kind of numb, you don’t really know how to feel. Probably will hit me later. Right now I’m trying to stay strong for the family so I try not to get emotional, but it’s been hard,” Bob said.

After so much loss, Stephanie said down the line, it will also bring them even closer.

The family has started a GoFundMe, we have the link here.