LUBBOCK, Texas – Emily Whiteley was shot following a domestic dispute and Leita Whiteley was also struck by a car Monday afternoon.

The incident happened on the 4900 block of Belmont Avenue. 

“Something in him snapped,” Leita said. “He just slammed into us and then when he got out of the vehicle, his face – from what it was at the mall and then his face there – it was as if he wasn’t there anymore. He was ready to shoot.”

Leita recalls the terrifying moments before she said her niece, Emily, was shot three times. 

“As soon as she fell asleep he took off with Jordan but he didn’t take any shoes, he didn’t take any clothes, he didn’t take any pampers or a car seat,” said Leita.

“My niece had called me saying her son was abducted by his father,” recalled Dakota Whiteley, Emily’s uncle.

They were able to retrieve the child at the South Plains Mall.

Whiteley said the situation then escalated to life or death.

“The look [he had] – like he was determined nobody was walking out of that vehicle,” said Leita. 

Leita said she was struck by the car as he was trying to leave the scene. Leita and Emily were then both transported to the hospital for their injuries.  

“It’s very hard for her right now. You know, she can’t believe it happened,” said Dakota.

“The only positive now is that Jordan, her son, is safe,” said Leita. 

Now they just hope for justice as they try to recover. 

“To all the moms out there who are feeling like they’re stuck in a similar situation, reach out to anybody, a church, anybody and talk to them,” said Leita. 

To help Emily’s with medical expenses, you can donate to her GoFundMe here

To help with Leita’s personal emergency fundraiser, you can donate here.