LUBBOCK, Texas — The Lubbock Professional Firefighters Association on Monday released a video featuring Mark Hill, the father of Lubbock Fire Rescue Lieutenant Eric Hill.

Eric Hill lost his life in the line of duty on January 11 along with police officer Nicholas Reyna. Firefighter Matt Dawson was critically wounded in the same incident. In the incident, firefighters and police responded to a crash in North Lubbock. While Hill, Reyna and Dawson were on scene, another crash happened.

“Good morning,” said Mark Hill in a video released on Monday. “I just want to remind everyone to be safe this morning as they drive to work.”

“Remember the five, five, five,” Hill said. “Leave five minutes early, slow down five miles an hour under the speed limit, and hug five people you love today. Be safe and be careful out there today.”

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