LUBBOCK, Texas — 7-year-old Amber Ríos is grieving the loss of her father after he was shot and killed during a shooting at a game room last Monday.

The Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office said 32-year-old Christian Ríos was shot in the face at the hands of 49-year-old Jamie Pruett. Family of the victim said Pruett approached Ríos looking for someone inside the game room before he randomly opened fire.

His family traveled from Mexico to navigate the tragedy, saying they feel lost in the dark with the language barrier as they search for answers and justice. 

“Without him I can’t smile,” said Amber, his 7-year-old daughter who was left confused that a senseless tragedy could take away her best friend, her dad.

“He played, he would throw himself on the floor, he did somersaults with her. If she imagined she was climbing a tree, he was climbing there with her. There were no limits in his love,” said Claudia Hernández, Amber’s mother.

Ríos had immigrated from Mexico, working at the game room to provide for his family and work his way into the American dream.

“Despite all the adversity that he lived through, he always looked to the future for more. He wanted to grow, he studied, he worked, he had a big quality of always overcoming,” said Hernández.

Ríos’s time with his daughter was cut short to what his family called a senseless rampage.

“It’s better to value people, instead of shooting them,” said Amber. When asked what she would like her dad to know she said, “That I love him.”

Ríos’s family is now searching for answers. They told they need help finding someone who can translate and connect them to legal help to pursue more charges against Pruett. They would also love to get connected to resources in the area that can help them get support for Ríos’s daughter. 

For those interested in helping with medical expenses and to support Amber, you can donate to their Gofundme here.

You can also make donations with Wells Fargo to the account number 8060950568.