LUBBOCK, Texas — Federal prosecutors filed a motion to keep Ryan Scott Zink, 32, of Lubbock locked up. Zink was arrested Thursday and accused of participating in the violence in the US Capitol on January 6.

Specifically, he was charged for Obstruction of an Official Proceeding and Knowingly Entering or Remaining in any Restricted Building or Grounds Without Lawful Authority.

Zink’s father, a congressional candidate in Arizona, said Zink is 100 percent innocent. Zink’s father also said he was a Texas Tech media student documenting the events of January 6 in Washington D.C., although Texas Tech has not confirmed or denied the claim.

In their request to stop Zink from getting out of jail while the case is pending, prosecutors told a federal magistrate that there’s a risk Zink will flee. Prosecutors also mentioned safety of the community.

“Defendant [Zink] made statements on social media that law enforcement would not be able to apprehend him alive,” prosecutors wrote. “Specifically, ‘They will have to kill me I’m not coming quietly.’ Therefore, the defendant has stated that he does not intend to appear for court short of law enforcement intervention.”

The court docket said Zink appears in court for a preliminary hearing and a detention hearing on Tuesday, February 9 at 11:30 a.m. in the US courthouse in Abilene. As of Friday, he remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center.

If convicted, he faces up to 20 years on one charge and one year on the other charge.