LUBBOCK, Texas– Opening statements began Tuesday in the trial of a man facing a Capital Murder Multiple charge stemming from an October 2015 double homicide at Buffalo Springs Lake.

The body of Jessica Ann Payton was found in a small pool of water at County Road 3600 & East County Road 7300. Court records said her body was weighed down with cinder blocks. Shawn Summers’ body was found in a burning vehicle at East County Road 6700 (19th Street) near County Road 2800.

Court documents said David Bethel plotted with his cousin, Mark Bethel, to murder both victims after it was revealed Summers might have had an intimate relationship with Payton, who was Mark’s girlfriend.

In March 2019, David was only charged in Summers’ death. Mark was charged with both murders.

On Tuesday, the prosecution in the case said Peyton lived with Mark, and he learned that she had taken money from him and cheated on him.

Mark’s neighbor claimed to hear yelling and four gunshots on October 28, 2015. Then, on October 31, 2015, the prosecution said Summers was lured to a location near the home of David and was shot and burned in his car.

According to testimony from Battalion Chief of Training for Lubbock Fire and Rescue Kevin Ivy, the call for a vehicle fire came in at approximately 11:40 p.m. on October 31. The caller said the vehicle was fully engulfed in flames and another vehicle pulled away from it.

” When I pulled up, they pulled away, in one heck of a hurry.,” the caller said. It appeared to be a Jeep that
was on fire, and that it was a white pickup truck pulled away, the caller said.

State witness Matt Hickson with Lubbock Fire Rescue responded to the vehicle fire and said he saw “orange glow from the fire from a distance.”

Fire crews worked to extinguish the fire. Once extinguished, LFR saw defects to the driver’s door, found bullet holes and saw a body in the passenger seat.

Days later, blood evidence was found in Mark’s home.

“Mark is the reason that Jessica and Shawn were killed,” the prosecution said. “Mark picked her up from her job and took her to his house and killed her.”

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as the trial continues