LUBBOCK, Texas – Volunteer fire departments stayed busy over the weekend fighting many grass fires caused by fireworks. 

Over the past two days alone, firefighters responded to 104 grass fires in the county. The West Carlisle Fire Department responded to ten grass fires in five hours on the evening of Fourth of July. Over the entire weekend, they were called out to 20 fires.

“With last night, we were more trying to get the edge of the fire put out and get to the next call because it was nothing for some departments to have 6-7-8 calls at one time. And you know, we are extremely limited on staff,” Assistant Chief of West Carlisle VFD Kevin Hendricks said.

Being volunteer firefighters, they must drop everything and leave at any time whether that be at their house or their job. They then get nothing in return.

“We are a little bit delayed being volunteer, but we are lucky enough that we have a lot of guys that are able to leave their jobs to respond, especially during the daytime,” Henricks explained.

He added that they love watching fireworks just as much as anybody… but they would strongly stress to be careful and try to prevent any further fires.

He suggested that if someone has more fireworks to use up and they plan to within the coming days, to shoot them in an area that’s more surrounded with dirt rather than the dry, West Texas grass.