Florida Family in Lubbock Searching for Missing Texas Tech Student


The Lubbock Police Department said Monday they are searching for a Texas Tech student who is endangered and missing.

LPD released information on 33-year-old Jeffrey Hargrove Monday afternoon, explaining that his mom filed a missing person’s report after she stopped hearing from him Saturday evening.

EverythingLubbock.com spoke with Hargrove’s family Monday, some of whom flew out to Lubbock to help in the search. His family members are concerned with the circumstances around his disappearance.

“He’s never done that, it’s never happened ever before in his whole life, so something’s definitely wrong,” said his brother Daniel Hargrove.

Jeffrey Hargrove and his family are from South Florida, his family explained that he returned to Lubbock in August to finish his final semester of his undergraduate degree at Texas Tech. His family said that Hargrove only has one more class left until he graduates.

His family explained that they’d heard from Hargrove throughout the day Saturday. He attended the Texas Tech football game, then was dropped off at the Overton Hotel where he had a room for the night. 

His mom, Diane Barrs, said she spoke with him on the phone at around 8 pm. Saturday.
“He told me he was gonna jump in the shower and he was gonna go across the street to Nick’s (Sports Bar) to grab something to eat,” Barrs explained Monday.

She said that her son usually communicates with her family frequently, so when he stopped responding altogether she became worried.

“I didn’t hear from him and the next day, I got really concerned because it’s so out of character for him to not answer his phone, because if he’s sleeping or something he’ll say, ‘Mom, I’ll call you back I’m sleeping,'” she explained.

“I called his cell phone, I looked through his emails, through his–any kind of accounts he had–cell phones and there’s no activity from him. There’s no trace of him right now and I just want the help from Lubbock Community to help find him and bring him home. We miss him,” Daniel Hargrove said.

His family said they’ve learned during the course of the investigation that Jeffrey never checked out of the hotel, and that all his belongings were left inside including his phone, wallet, and key to the room.

His family describes Jeffery as having a medium build, standing at 6 feet tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Lubbock Police explained that all of their patrol units were notified of Jeffrey’s disappearance, they will be on the lookout for him. Hargrove’s family plans to continue searching for him as well, they will search his devices and places he’s frequented for any clues.

“He’s a loving person, he’s funny and makes everybody laugh, he cares for everybody,” Daniel Hargrove explained of his brother.  Daniel and his mother are unfamiliar with Lubbock, but they will be searching everywhere they can think of in the Hub City until Jeffrey is located.

 “We don’t even know where to look first, we’re just gonna be driving around, just putting up posters, asking people, showing his picture,” Barrs explained.

They’re asking the Lubbock Community to help spread the word. If you think you may have seen Hargrove or have details related to his disappearance, call Crime Line at 741-1000. 

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