LUBBOCK, Texas — Carmen East sits in front of her computer screen. Behind her, there is a photo of her husband, Floyd East Jr. cropped onto an image of Texas. The wall is painted with a thin blue line, as well as an American flag bearing the same symbol. It has now been more than three months since her husband was killed.

“Sure feels like it just happened yesterday. It always will,” East said from her home in El Paso, TX.

Court records indicate Hollis Alvin Daniels shot Floyd at the Texas Tech Police Station.

“The Thin Blue Line came out of the woodwork which I never expected and supported us financially and emotionally. People who I didn’t even know,” East said.

She said she had been going through so many emotions with family and friends, Carmen decided she had to do something.

“I couldn’t just sit around and say God bless you and thank you and just disappear into the night, so decided to start the foundation,” Carmen said.

The foundation is called Texas 635.

“6-3-5 being his badge and Texas because we’re in Texas,” Carmen said.

The organization has two missions: provide one-time financial support for fallen-officer families, and Blue’s Space.

“We provide a non-clinical retreat for officers. We take them to St. Augustine, Florida for a three day retreat,” Carmen said.

The program is a way to help law enforcement who have lost their brothers and sisters in uniform through conversation, all paid for through donations.

“If they lost a Leo, we’re there for them,” Carmen said.

Carmen said they chose St. Augustine for a reason. Floyd enjoys scuba diving and water sports. He is also buried in the ocean as part of the Eternal Reef program. They have done one retreat thus far, but plan to hold more once there is a vaccine for the coronavirus. His wife said they everything is done with Floyd in mind.

“He’s with me all the time. It’s a constant thing that I have him close to my heart,” Carmen said. “Constantly talking to him do you think this is good, do you think this is a good idea should I go with this should I not? So he has far hand in this as well.”

She also knows that everything Carmen has done and continues to do for the foundation would be making him proud.

“I know he’s looking down from heaven and saying he’s proud. He’s proud because we help his fellow Leos. We help other families and support our Law Enforcement,” Carmen said.

For more information about the non-profit organization, go to their website,