Everyone has a passion about something they enjoy doing, whether it is a hobby or side job or even just something they like to watch others do. 14 year old Korinthian absolutely LOVES classic cars and wants to work on them some day. We met out at Cook’s garage and thankfully Jacob Sheehan was around to give Korinthian a tour! I don’t know much about cars. Watching the two of them walking around talking about the types of cars and parts and details most of us don’t think about was fascinating. Korinthian telling us, “I’ve been in the car world since I was five or six, or seven or eight.” And Jacob coming right back with, “You’re young. You know a lot for being so young.”

And his passion did start when he was young. He tells me, “my first foster placement had a power wheel, which I was very in to. When I first drove it, it made me think of how it worked and then once I started figuring it out and then I really got interested in cars and that made me more excited to learn.”

His knowledge was obvious because when we walked into the garage the first words out of his mouth were, “that’s a 1969 Camaro SS.” All the adults just looked at each other because we had no idea if he was right or not, but soon found out he knew exactly what he was talking about. Korinthian later telling me, “that’s one of my two dream cars. I want a 69 Camaro SS, then my next favorite car is one of the first Bugatti Shiron’s which are very expensive so I will probably have to build a couple of these and sell them off.”

But being a Bugatti driving genius isn’t the only thing Korinthian is working towards. “What I’m looking for in a Forever Family is just a place where I’m feeling loved and cared for.” Which is something most of us take for granted. Korinthian is looking for a mom and a dad and siblings are cool too. Telling me he gets along well with kids under the age of ten.

To me visiting with Korinthian makes me feel like he is certainly not asking for much. Even his two wishes from a loving family are small. He would love to learn to care for a cat or bunny and he would like help in getting his drivers license when he is old enough. He told me, “it’s not a necessity but it’s at least something I would like to have.” And for a kid whose dream is to rebuild classic cars, he needs the license so he can drive them!

A closer goal is he would like to get his bachelor’s degree and his masters degree. And he loves Math, Science, and History. And he just wants to be loved… Could you be the family he yearns for?

If you are interested in learning more about Korinthian, please submit home studies to txreg1adoption@st-francis.org and specify the child’s name. Please allow two weeks for home study review. If a potential family is a match a TARE Coordinator will send additional information about the child for the family to review.

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