LUBBOCK, Texas — Isaiah Guartuche, 21, pleaded guilty Thursday morning to tampering with evidence. He was previously charged with murder.

As part of the plea deal, Guartuche was sentenced to 10 years probated for 10 years. In simple terms, if he stays out of trouble for 10 years, he will not be required to serve prison time.

Guartuche admitted to shooting and killing Michael Constancio, 31, in the 2300 block of 39th Street in December 2020. The warrant said there was an argument in which Guartuche pushed a woman, according to court records. Constancio stepped in at that point.

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The warrant said in part, “[A witnesses] stated Guartuche did not want to fight Constancio and was afraid of him. She did not see Constancio with any weapons. She stated Constancio grabbed Guartuche by the front of his hoodie and when he did this, Guartuche pulled a firearm and shot Constancio 3 times in the chest.”

In February 2021, a grand jury indicted Guartuche for tampering with evidence instead of murder.