Former Tech Chancellor Kent Hance takes on another role


LUBBOCK, Texas — Chancellor Emeritus Kent Hance has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

He still runs a law firm in Austin, teaches at Tech, and continues to raise money and advocate for the university.

Now he’s adding a new title — podcaster.

If you’re wondering how he finds the time, it’s one of the many lessons in life he’s learned from others.

“I’ve always been able to budget my time,” Hance said. “I had a high school teacher one time who told me, ‘If you want something done, find the busiest person in town and he or she will know how to get it done.’ I put in a lot of hours every day and don’t have to, but I enjoy it. I enjoy the work.”

Hance had plans to write a book about his life and the colorful characters he’s met along the way and says he knew just the person to reach out to.

“I called a friend of mine, Skip Hollandsworth, who is a feature writer for Texas Monthly,” Hance recalled. “He was talking to me and said you need to do a podcast. He said 70% of the laughter you’re going to get is off your West Texas twang and also your delivery and he said I think a podcast would be great.”

The idea turned to reality as Hance’s podcast, “The Best Storyteller in West Texas” was released Monday on several platforms.

Five episodes are available right now.

During these episodes Hance will inspire you.

“These are various stories,” Hance said. “Some of them are as funny as can be. We tried to have a lesson to tell somebody something of substance but have some humor. These podcasts are 15-20 minutes. I want them to listen to it and laugh and feel good about themselves and life at the end of the day. Simple lessons, like treat others with respect. He knew the door man, he knew the desk clerk, knew the elevator operator and knew their names with such respect. He didn’t have to. The next day I went with him and he borrowed several million dollars to buy some property for development. He treated that guy the same. One person’s running an elevator; another guy is loaning him five million dollars and he treated them the same, and I liked that,” said Hance.

While he’s working on the podcast, you might also find him on campus as each week for his leadership course.

“Last week, we had Hank Seal a billionaire and Texas Tech graduate,” Hance said. “I want students to know they’re 30 to 50 feet away from someone that’s just like them.”

He might give students a sort of pop quiz when he sees them.

“One time I was making a speech to some alumni of Texas Tech and there was a young man Michael Herd, and he had been in my class and he was out in the audience,” Hance explained. So I said, ‘Michael, you were in my class, what’s my favorite word?’ And it looked like a deer in headlights and then he yelled out, ‘Anticipate.’ Afterwards he said, ‘Give me a little warning next time’.”

And Chancellor Hance is hoping coach Chris Beard is anticipating a future here at Texas Tech.

“He took us to the Final Four,” Hance said. “He believed it. I believed he could. A lot of people had their doubts but with just a little luck and a couple real good calls that were fair, we would have won that. So, we’ll be back, and I don’t think there’s any question about that. I would say this, ‘Chris, we want you to stay at Texas Tech. You’re loved out here and you might just be another person in Austin’.”

You can listen to his podcast here.

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