LUBBOCK, Texas – February is Career and Technical Education month, which highlights students achievements and accomplishments throughout a wide range of programs across the country.

Kenz Ojeda is a senior at Frenship High School and a member of the Audio/Video Production program. He enjoys telling stories and making hype videos for the basketball team. 

“When they get into high school, we now start fine tuning their desires and their skills into what they want to do,” Ray Rush, Ojeda’s media instructor, said. 

Ojeda found an interest in videography at a young age, but joining this CTE program helped him thrive. He now has a great passion and talent. 

Some of the players on the basketball team will even send his videos to recruiters.

“They get the exposure that they want, and they definitely deserve the exposure because of how good they play and all that,” Ojeda said. 

Throughout these CTE programs, students can earn certifications and college credit… all while preparing them for the workforce with the help of their teachers and supervisors.

Rush said, “I was there to help guide him. But it was truly him that developed this and became the photographer, the videographer that he is, and the editor that he is and everything…the whole nature of career technology is to help kids find their passion.”

After graduation, Ojeda hopes to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering, but he will continue to make videos as a hobby. He’s thankful for the hands-on learning and experience he gained throughout this CTE program.