Imagine moving back into your freshman college dorm again: the jitters, butterflies, perhaps even a few tears, the bundle of nerves… It’s something most people may never forget, and at LCU faculty and alumni aim to make very special for the new round of freshmen coming in. 

Groups of incoming students along with their parents and siblings crowded the doors to the Katie Rogers all girls’ dorm early Thursday, Aug. 18. As the girls checked into their rooms and met their new roommates, family members were wheeling in crates full of hangers, clothes, groceries, bedding and of course, dorm decor. 

However, they were able to get a helping hand from the university president, Tim Perrin, as well as former students, all partaking in the tradition of helping the freshmen move in. 

“It’s one of my favorite days at LCU,” said Perrin. “There’s just so many mixed emotions, most of it’s excitement and anticipation. A lot of it’s just joy of what’s ahead, but some natural nervousness as these students begin a new chapter in their lives and especially for the parents as they move into a new phase in the relationship with their kids.”

“As alumni, we love coming out to help these freshmen move in to let them know it’s going to be OK, college is going to be great!” said Lindsey Holt, the Director of Stewardship for University Advancement, and a LCU 2015 graduate. “LCU is such a family and it becomes such a home for so many students who come here and this is just the first taste for these freshmen.” 

While there is some nervousness, the girls seemed to all echo a sense of excitement to get the year started.

“I think everyone is really welcoming and I’m excited to make a whole bunch of new friends,” said Angelique Melakian, a missions major. 

“I’ve heard nothing but great things about the LCU campus, so just to be here and to be getting involved with students and to really be that college kid that I grew up listening about, dreaming about becoming,” said Katrina Brown, who will also be majoring in missions at LCU. 

For the parents however, it seems to be a little more emotional. 

“She’s the only one we have that’s gone to college and we have had a lot of mixed feelings this morning, but I know she’s doing what God wants her to do and I am completely supportive of that,” said Jeanne Brown, Katrina’s mother. “I’m really proud of her.” 

For Cory Curtis, who’s oldest and first child to go off to college as well, says it’s a little bittersweet sending her off, but he too is very excited for her future at the LCU campus.

“It’s surreal, nerve-wracking in some ways. Honestly, I’m still kind of bit in denial about all of it,” laughs Curtis. “But we’re so excited about it, we just know that Lubbock Christian is going to be such a great fit for her.”