LUBBOCK, Texas — Allen “Tiny” Gray spent six decades of his life helping others in the community, now he is in need after receiving a permanent diagnosis.

Gray’s wife, Sheri, told that he is paralyzed, bed bound, and the medical bills are racking up.

“He still thinks he can walk or stand and has to be reminded of his bedbound status,” she said.

Gary Vaughn has been friends with Tiny for 44 years and says it’s heart breaking to see Tiny who was once active as a public servant, youth leader, deer hunter and a list of other talents unable to move.

“Everybody loves him, everybody cares for him,” Vaughn said. “It’s tough; he cares for everybody, and he always has. It’s hard to watch him.”

Tiny fell and injured his spine. Even after surgery, the function of his arms and legs did not return as normal, leaving him disabled.

“Alot of people know Tiny, he’s been around 62 years,” Vaughn said. “He started in Idalou, he worked in Shallowater, Abernathy, West Carlisle, everybody knows him.”

Vaughn added he also worked at Texas Tech Health Science Center and South Plains College, where he touched the lives of thousands.

With a record like this, there was no doubt the community wanted to step up and help his family during this time.

“You are never prepared for such a lifestyle change,” Sheri said. Now the community he once served is returning the favor with a fundraiser.

“We will have a silent auction, bake sale. We will have sausage wraps and hotdogs. We are going to have barbeque plates. We will have a live auction,” Vaughn said.

Sheri is doing the best she can while caring for Tiny, and the funds raised will help with medical bills, employing aids and tending to her husband who is having a hard time with his memory.

He is a gentle giant and has given his life serving others, and you never realize the impact you have had until your burden is lifted by those people.”


“I just want you to know, Tiny, we love you. Get well buddy,” Vaughn said.

The fundraiser will be held Saturday, 19 at the Lubbock Elks Lodge starting at noon.

The family said they have no words to express appreciation, and the money raised will impact the rest of their lives.