Geese lead wild chase down busy street


LUBBOCK, Texas — On Wednesday, a pair of geese led a chase down University Ave. from 82nd St. A group people followed the geese to ensure their safety. Cecelia and Caitlyn Alonzo noticed two men trying to help the geese cross the street.

“We decided– or I decided I was driving– to kind of block traffic for them so they could get them over to the other side,” Cecelia said.

The two geese made their way down University Ave., waddling at high speeds. Cecelia said after they finished blocking traffic, she left to run some errands. While they were gone, they were unaware that the wild goose chase continued.

“The guys were still at, they walked those ducks all the way from 82nd to the loop [289],” Cecelia said.

The geese even tried to make it onto the highway, unaware that life in the fast lane isn’t what it’s quaked up to be.

“I was like oh God no, no, no, they can’t do that,” Cecelia said.

The mother flew into action, trying to steer the flock in the right direction.

“We got them back over into the parking lot, and across McDonald’s and they kept trying to cross the loop,” Cecelia said.

When the pair of men left, the mother-daughter duo continued, even directing traffic as the geese walked along.

“I was just trying to help them get to their place safely where they’re trying to get which I’m sure was here,” Cecelia said.

“It was very cold and I was not having it,” Caitlyn said.

Cecelia called for help from LPD, Lubbock Animal Services and the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

“They all said the same thing they’re wildlife, they can fly you need to just leave them alone, but if they could have done that, they would have flown from 82nd street,” Cecelia said.

So the two kept going, their migration taking them as far as an RV park– all before LAS arrived. Upon their arrival, they took the two streetbirds into custody (as well as checking them for frosbite).

“I let animal control follow them and we left and I was crying at that time my heart was breaking I was like oh my God hope they make it somewhere safe,” Cecelia said.

Now, the silly geese have found their home at David Casey park, with their friends, the ducks.

“I was so happy they made it somewhere safe,” Cecelia said.

With a soft spot for animals, Cecelia said she would do it all over again.

“I know that she does care about animals a lot and at the end of the day I want to do what I can to make her happy,” Caitlyn said.

Because even if nature does run its course, Cecelia said that doesn’t mean we can’t help along the way.

“Those ducks had somebody watching out over them yesterday,” Cecelia said.

Lubbock Animal Services said the best thing to do when there is wild life in the street is to call them and monitor the animals while waiting for crews to arrive. The number for LAS is 806-775-2057.

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