Good Samaritans help stranded drivers around Lubbock


LUBBOCK, Texas — Whether it be rain, mud or snow, if you find yourself in a ditch, you don’t need to worry about receiving a hefty bill from a towing company because one Lubbock man said on Tuesday that a local organization can help for free.

Lubbock Blizzard Recovery is a nonprofit group comprised of nearly two dozen individuals who volunteer to help stranded drivers in all kinds of weather, despite the group name. 

Jacob Johnson, a volunteer operator, has worked with Lubbock Blizzard Recovery for three years. He had the equipment to recover vehicles, and one day, responded to a stranger’s call for help on Facebook.

“I showed up to help, and there were some people from Lubbock Blizzard Recovery that were like, ‘Hey, we like doing this, and we kind of make a hobby out of it,’ and so I’ve been helping them out ever since,” Johnson explained.

The group specializes in weather-related incidents but has helped in other situations as well.

If someone has a flat tire and a volunteer is available, Johnson said it’s not unusual to see them “throw a tire on for you.”

The group has also helped first responders and nurses get home when they’ve been snowed in at work.

“You may be in a car that’s suitable to drive to work on a clear day, and when you get off work, there’s 2 inches of snow on the ground, and your car may not be suitable to get you safely home,” Johnson started. “We will go pick that person up and take them home.”

The kindness doesn’t stop there. He said they often take these individuals back to their vehicles when the weather is more suitable.

Lubbock Blizzard Recovery said it is always looking for more volunteers.

“Most of us [have] the mentality of [helping] each other out. If you see your neighbor struggling and you can lend assistance, you just help them out,” Johnson said. “We all pull together and make it happen.”

If you find yourself stuck in a weather-related incident, including flooding, mud, or snow, you can reach out to the group on their Facebook page.

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