Grandmother of Teen Found Dead in Lubbock County Devastated, Disturbed by Granddaughter’s Death


Lubbock County Sheriff’s are still investigating a homicide which occurred  Wednesday morning in Lubbock County near Idalou. Wednesday they confirmed the person they found in the home was 18-year-old Holli Jeffcoat. They said that she had been stabbed and that whoever committed the crime attempted to conceal the evidence with fire. 

While the Sheriff’s office continues to question multiple persons of interest in this case, many are mourning Jeffcoat, including her grandmother. sat down with Holli’s grandmother on Thursday to learn more about the case. The grandmother didn’t wish to be identified, she asked to be called “Mawmaw” which is what Holli called her. 

“Holli is such a sweet, sweet girl, I’ll miss her like you can’t imagine,”  Mawmaw said through tears. 

Mawmaw pulled out a dress at her home that Holli would always enjoy looking at when she came to visit.

“Holli saw this dress and said when she had some banquet or graduation, she wanted to wear that dress because it was beautiful, but she never  got to wear it,” Mawmaw said.

She explained that Holli was going to graduate this year and hoped to move in with her afterward. 

“Holli didn’t get to make it to graduation, it hurts so bad to think that someone would do something so mean to that beautiful girl,” Mawmaw said. “I mean, she was the most loveable child, everyone that met her fell in love with her.”

Mawmaw described Holli as an upbeat teen who loved school, watching TV, and being with her siblings. 

 She’s heard rumors about who might have been involved with Holli’s death, but has no idea who to believe.

“Holli loved everybody–I can’t imagine–whoever did it had to know Holli’s room, you would have to know the set up of the house, why go straight one room?” Mawmaw said. 

Mawmaw said she hasn’t been able to get in contact with Jeffcoat’s mother since the body was found, she has been waiting to hear more about what actually happened on Wednesday.

“I cant imagine someone going there and doing something so cruel to such a beautiful child, and I know she’s 18 but she’s my baby,” Mawmaw said.

The sadness of processing her granddaughter’s death has made it hard for Mawmaw to function, she said she has been crying ever since she heard the news. For whoever caused Holli’s death, she hopes they realize the pain they’ve caused. 

“I hope that for every single day, every minute of the day, [her death] crosses his mind,” Mawmaw said. “I just want somebody to remember how she felt when it happened, and I hope he feels, it. I hope he feels it all the time.”

As far as Mawmaw was aware, Holli was doing very well recently, as was her family.

But after this Holli’s death, the Department of Family Protection Services is now investigating this case as well.  DFPS said that Holli’s younger sibling has been placed in foster care and is being given counseling. DFPS added that Holli’s family did have prior involvement with CPS. 

Special Olympics of the South Plains also said that Holli was a Special Olympics Athlete and she was scheduled to compete in their upcoming basketball tournament later in February. 

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