TEMPLE, Texas – Josh Quigley was able to return back to Baylor Scott & White in Temple, to thank the trauma team that helped him recover after a tragic accident back in 2019 that left him hospitalized for three weeks. He says he’s forever grateful for this team, allowing him to continue doing what he loves most, cycling.

Renowned cyclist and Guinness World Record holder Josh Quigley says, he needs to finish what he started.

“I’ve been trying to cycle “Round the World” for the past five years and I would say a couple of years ago, I was so close when I had the accident here in Texas,” says Guinness world record holder Josh Quigley.

Back in 2019, Josh was in a life threatening crash that almost made that goal impossible. Thankfully, the trauma team at Baylor Scott & White he was able to make it happen.

“I always knew I needed to come back to Texas. It is just something I really needed to do for myself, but I also wanted to come back here and thank the guys that basically saved my life,” says Quigley.

And he did Thursday afternoon.

“I try to help patients focus on not the moment, but what they’re going to look like in six-months to a year when they’re back to being who they used to be and they get to tell their story,” say Dr. Justin Lee Regner, Trauma Medical Director at Baylor Scott & White.

“He’s just an amazing guy, you know, for his recovery to putting in the work, to be ungrateful, trying to give back just an awesome guy like,” says Texas DPS Trooper Samuel Nix, the trooper who responded to the accident.

Because of their life saving actions he was able to continue what he loved most.

“They put me back together again and they got me back on my bike again. And since then I’ve been able to break records,” says Quigley.

Quigley broke a world record in September 2021 by riding 2,179.66 miles in one week.  

Josh says most people don’t want to remember tragic events like this but he says it’s been the best thing that happened to him.

“Every time I go through something worse, I just come back and come back stronger. So I’ll never give up on this,” says Quigley.