LUBBOCK, Texas– Halloween was on Tuesday and spoke with a Lubbock dental hygienist on the increase of cavities that happens after spooky season ends.

Tammy Mckenzie, a registerd dental hygienist for Double T Smiles, said there is a major influx of cavities across all ages. She said cavities “don’t have a favorite age” and are most commonly seen in between the teeth.

According to Mckenzie, cavities are caused by a bacteria that breaks down enamal and causes holes. previously reported parents should avoid giving their kids “sticky candies” like taffy and “super sour [candies] ” becuase of the acidity.

Mckenzie explained the most common treatment for cavities is a filling and sometimes an extraction. According to Mckenzie, some parents don’t take cavities seriously for children becuase they still have their baby teeth.

Untreated cavites can cause an oral infection that could possible result in a visit to the hospital.

Those with braces aren’t safe from cavities either, according to Mckenzie. Those with braces are more likely to cavities than those without them.

The best way to prevent what Double T Smiles calls “sugar bugs” is to brush with a floruide toothpaste, floss and stay consistent with bi-annual visits to the dentist.