Halloween Oral Hygiene Advisory


With Halloween now over it’s no doubt that your children have quite the haul of candy.

In fact the National Retail Federation said they expect consumers to have spent around $2.5-billion on candy alone this Halloween  season.

It’s those numbers that have dentists speaking up reminding you to take care of you and your child’s teeth.

“The main thing is for parents to be mindful to let the kids have it in moderation,” said Dr. William Parker, Dentist for Covenant Health System.

That goes for you too parents, especially after your kids fall asleep after that sugar wears off.

But, before they go to bed doctor Parker said to make sure and brush their teeth, “At night is when all the germ activity occurs if you leave that sugar behind. Don’t let them go to bed with having done that because that’s when all the problems occurs at night while they’re sleeping.”

Doctor Parker also said to make sure and do two minutes of brushing focusing on your child’s gum line.

Another tip, Dr. Parker said there are certain types of candy to keep away, “watch out for the sticky candy, they’re the worst”

And from one parent to another, watch out for those secret stashes.

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